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Esperanza Proaño – The messenger of the trees

Esperanza Proaño
 In the world there are people with exceptional gifts that are beyond the common reason, can connect with the energy of nature to the point of understanding their messages, one of those people is Esperanza Proaño, a woman born in the city of Palencia in Spain, with a special sensitivity for trees.

-Esperanza Proaño and the trees.-

From the day of her birth, she made a particular bond with the trees that surrounded her and over time she learned to communicate with them and to carve her messages into the wood. The following is the story of this interesting plastic artist.
Esperanza Proaño’s childhood passed very happily in a very dense natural forest where nature marked the rhythm of life, the memories of that childhood always accompany her because it was during her first years when she began to connect with nature.
Watching the trees grow she discovered art in the unique form of its branches, the link with nature became essential, touching the trees, feeling them and embracing a need.

Esperanza Proaño

She was born near a river surrounded by a forest of oaks, where she began to see the world as an indispensable element in her life, besides heats it in the cold nights it was useful for many more things, the life of the field uses it in all its surroundings, this infinity of utilities the art was the most important, its sensibility for the nature transformed it in artistic skills.
She affirms that the human ear is not so fine as to listen to the trees, because they communicate through very fragile whispers that we cannot hear easily, Esperanza has achieved it by paying special attention to the sounds of nature to understand them, hugging a tree has helped her to feel its energy and to listen to its whispers in the wind.
Some of the messages that have given her communicate sadness because we do not want them, we do not appreciate the resources we take from them, other messages, communicate the wisdom of nature in its perfect cycle, constant and unstoppable.
In adulthood, she rescues branches from trees that have been cut down and turns them into unique pieces of art, letting herself be carried away by the energy that wood transmits to her. His carving gives new life to the branches through his imagination, transforming them into works as unique as the one of the trees that generated them.

Esperanza Proaño´s Gallery
Esperanza Proaño

Working with wood she has found freedom and expression. His sensitivity and passion lies in observing the beauty of creation, filling a piece of dead tree with life and living in the world a little bit of his own life.
Esperanza Proaño
You can not imagine the sensations I feel when I start a job in front of a piece of tree «dead». I need to be then to bring it back to life by making it something beautiful. A branch in my hands neither dies, nor loses its beauty.I need to recover the size and majesty that the tree had in life and capture it in a work that returns it to life without sap but with a taste of art. In each piece, in each carving I try to delve into its interior, I open holes looking for its essence, that ends up discovering some forms that remove the rigidity of the wood to become malleable. I’m not going, the wood takes me.
-Quote: Esperanza Proaño.


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The entire documentary reference for this article was consulted from Esperanza Proaño’s official website, her biography, as well as photographs of her is available on her website, where her works are also for
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